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Sticky Product Update: Master your tasks! Coming soon: Sticky AI✨

Sticky's new features keep important things you need to do from falling through the cracks. Capture tasks quickly, inside or outside the app, and keep them front and center during your day.

Hello! I hope you're doing well and are finding ways to stay productive and maintain a good balance between work and play.

Last update, I told you about Sticky features designed to get you to meetings, prepared and on time. This time, I want to tell you about new capabilities to help capture and manage tasks so you can get the right things done. (We're going even deeper with tasks and would love your input to inform what we do next.)

Big news! We've embarked on an exciting journey to eliminate even more busywork from your day by creating Sticky AI to assist with your meeting prep and follow up.

Let's dive in!

Capture tasks in Sticky everywhere

Sticky was designed to help you get things done with less effort. That starts with capturing things you need to do.

Global task capture with keyboard shortcut

Now, Sticky for Mac app users can capture tasks while working in other apps and the macOS desktop. Use the keyboard shortcut <shift> + <command ⌘> + <space> to bring up the task capture window.

Reminder: You can also capture tasks:

  • in the note editor - use the formatting toolbar, or simply type "[" + "]" + <space>

  • anywhere in Sticky - click the New task button in the left sidebar, or use the keyboard shortcut <command ⌘> + "T"

Track & update tasks through the day

You've told us how important (and hard) it is to focus on your tasks. When they're out of sight, they're out of mind. We heard you so we've placed them front and center!

Tasks module in Sticky left sidebar

We created a Tasks module in the Sticky workspace left sidebar so you can stay focused on what to do next.

  • Display “All” your tasks, focus on “Today” or look ahead at “Upcoming” ones

  • Add new, reorder, and mark tasks complete during the day

  • Schedule and delete tasks to stay focused

NOTE: They appear in the same sort order you’ve selected in the Tasks page

Shape the future: Task management

We hope you enjoy the new task features in Sticky! But we're not done yet... we'd love your input on what we should build next. Please help us by completing this 2 minute survey.


What's next: Sticky AI ✨

On November 30th, 2022, the world changed. ChatGPT v3.5 was released and was used by more than 1 million users in just 5 days. We were all blown away by its ability to understand meaning behind what we asked, to interact with us conversationally, and to generate original textual content. Since then, many products have "plugged in" AI-powered generative content features offering you generic writing assistance. We've felt there is far more we could do with AI in Sticky to help you become more productive.

You've told us how much time and energy is wasted communicating with teammates, sharing documents, prepping and participating in meetings, and trying to remember and complete tasks afterward. Fortunately, AI is a powerful technology that can drastically improve your workflow in many ways!

"Sticky AI" is a new set of capabilities designed to act as a workflow assistant. When you connect Sticky AI to the apps you use (Calendar, Drive, etc.) it will gather your meetings, documents and data, summarize them, and turn them into action.

Sticky AI is entering beta soon and we'd love to get your feedback and invite you to sign up for early access! Check this blog (and your email inbox) for updates about the beta program!


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