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New Year's Resolution: Join Meetings On Time and Ready To Go!

Sticky's new menu bar features put everything you need for back-to-back meetings at your fingertips

Hey there! Do you ever feel like you're constantly running late to your meetings? It can be really frustrating, especially if you pride yourself on being punctual. We know how it feels, and want to make it so you don't have to try so hard. For those of you resolved to join meetings on time and ready to go, we recently released new features in the Sticky for Mac app that make it easier to join your meetings on time and prepared.

join meetings on time and ready to go

What's getting in your way

It's tough to always stay on top of your schedule, especially if you have a lot of meetings back to back. Sometimes meetings run late and cascade into the next one, or you get caught up in other work, dismiss those calendar notifications and lose track of time. Bad personal habits, poor tools and technology, or unhealthy meeting culture can all contribute to the problem.

But what if there was a way to see where you are in your day and what's coming up, and get prompts to join your meetings on time without wading through notifications, browser tabs and different apps? When it's time to join, you do it with one click and start taking meeting notes right away. You see meeting details, attachments, and who’s attending — all in one place. With Sticky, you can!

Friction prevents flow

Take a look at this typical scenario for joining a meeting prepared and on time. Or, skip to the next section to see what the new features are and how they work.

There's friction to join a meeting

  1. You get a calendar notification that your next meeting starts in two minutes.

  2. You dismiss it and calculate that you have just enough time to reply to an email.

  3. You write and send the reply, but it took three minutes, not two. Oops! The meeting has already started!

  4. You search your calendar for the meeting invite.

  5. You click the Join Zoom Meeting link, which opens a "Launch Meeting" landing page in a new browser tab that asks to open the Zoom app. Argh!

  6. You click to open the Zoom app and start the meeting.

There's friction to prepare for a meeting

  1. You search for a place to write notes — maybe you open a new Doc or your note-taking app or resort to a page in your paper notebook.

  2. If you’re lucky, it’s the same place you wrote notes and action items last time you met. If not, you have to search for those too (and hopefully, you’ve completed your action items)

  3. It's eight minutes into the meeting, but your brain still needs to fully switch to the new context.

  4. You open your calendar to review the agenda and attachments…

  5. Remember to close those Zoom browser tabs later!

Sound familiar? This workflow SUCKS. We've been there and watched countless others suffer the same fate, which is why we added these new features to Sticky.


Sign up for a free beta account. Google users get access today!

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What the features are, and how they work

Sticky connects to your Google calendar and lives in your menu bar to show you where you are in your day, subtly prompts you about upcoming meetings, and allows you to instantly join and start taking meeting notes.

see upcoming meetings with sticky

Daily agenda - A view of your day at your fingertips. Click the Sticky icon in the menu bar to see upcoming meetings and free time without opening your browser or calendar app.

Meeting prompts

Sticky nudges you about upcoming meetings with a 10-minute countdown timer in the menu bar (that won’t get in the way or be forgotten like a dismissed notification).

Meeting Quickstart

No more clicking from notifications to your calendar to a Zoom web page to the Zoom app to then looking for a place to write your notes. One click launches the Zoom app (or other meeting app) and opens meeting notes in Sticky at the same time!

join meeting and start taking notes

Get Sticky

This year, ditch the frustration and anxiety of being late to your meetings. Turn your back-to-back meeting struggles into work that flows. Get Sticky and show up prepared and on time.

Sign up for a free beta account. Google users get access today!

(Not a Google user? Join our waitlist)


Sign up for a free beta account. Google users get access today!

Not a Google user? Join our waitlist!

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