Meet Sticky

One app to handle your busy day.

Sticky is the first productivity app designed for your workflow. Quickly and easily navigate meetings, notes, and tasks in one place.
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Designed to remove busy work from your life

Sticky’s features are laser focused on the things you need to direct your day.

How it Works


Jump into new meeting
notes with one click

Everything you need to be ready for your next meeting is just one click away.


Meeting details are captured automatically

Sticky writes down all the meeting details for you so you can dive into the subject at hand without missing a beat.

Meeting notes and tasks are linked to the calendar event

Sticky links your notes and tasks to each event so creating an agenda in advance or following up afterward is easier than ever.


See all of your tasks in
one place

No more digging through meeting notes to review next steps. Sticky puts all your tasks on one screen so you can focus on completing them instead of finding them.

Finish each day on a
good note

Important tasks can be scheduled with a few keystrokes so you can stay focused on your priorities and finish each day feeling accomplished.


Fast, flexible, and secure.

Your data is yours

Sticky does not share or monetize your data. Your information is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Built for speed

Sticky is built to work at the speed of thought so you can capture a new note or find anything without missing a beat.

Organize effortlessly

Add lightweight organization with a few keystrokes and customize Sticky for your life with our flexible system.

No assembly required

Sticky is ready to use right out of the box so you can jump right into the action.


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