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Information overload is real

It seems we're all spending more time online collaborating with others and trying to get our individual work done, too. Many of us stumble from meeting-to-online-meeting needing to prepare, engage, and follow through on action items. To get our work done, we search, copy, paste between dozens of apps, online documents, and browser tabs. And then we spend too much time summarizing what we did and planning what to do next.

So much time is wasted on busywork that we sacrifice personal time and end up more stressed and sometimes, we burn out. 


The world would be a better place if we could each focus our attention on the things that matter most.

It's time to put an end to busywork

Productivity tools are often built for companies to simply get the most output from their employees. But there's a different possibility: what if technology could make each of us more efficient, getting our work done with less wasted effort and less stress? What if we could prioritize and complete our own tasks and collaborate with others in a state of flow?


We believe we would get more done in less time, have more energy to balance work and personal needs, and be more engaged and happier.


We're here to build beautiful, powerful, indispensable products designed for you.


Our Story

Sticky's three co-founders have each been frustrated by the drain on their time juggling technology that was intended to increase our productivity. In past roles, they've all built products to help people focus their attention and get more done with less wasted effort. They came together as a founding team through Menlo Labs, a startup studio created by Menlo Ventures.

David Williams

co-founder & chief executive officer

David (he/him) led teams building award-winning CRM products at Zendesk designed for customer support agents. It offers a beautifully simple alternative to tabbing through multiple tools to collect info, search for answers, and collaborate with teammates. He also led enterprise strategy to grow the business beyond their SMB beginnings. Previously, he drove product innovation and business growth in marketing automation and personal productivity software at Palm, PointCast, Apple and several startups.

Personal: #1 fan for his teenagers’ sports and performances, road biking in the Bay Area foothills, VR games and word puzzles (yup, a Wordle addict)

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Andrew Lassetter

co-founder & chief design officer

Andrew (he/him) started working in late 2019 on the project that would become Sticky. Prior to that, he led product design at Handle, a personal productivity startup combining your to-dos, email, and calendar. Handle was one of the first apps that combined scheduling of tasks alongside events, and creating tasks from emails. Most recently, he worked to build the product design and mobile apps teams at Udemy, focusing on increasing the accessibility of education and helping people around the world teach and learn anything, anywhere.


Personal: Rock climbing and hiking, photography, creating strange themes for Spotify playlists, figuring out which kinds of plants he can keep alive. 

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Tamzin Selvi

co-founder & chief technology officer

Tamzin (she/her) was one of the early software leaders at Clockwise, a company focused on the intelligent scheduling of meetings. Prior to that, she was a software and product leader at TE2 where her experience ranged from full-stack cross-platform software development to managing the most important product teams of the company. Her career began with the founding of Fusi -- a startup that invented a new programming language that bridged mobile, web and server application logic into a single shared environment.

Personal: Running around the Bay Area, tinkering & prototyping, trying to get her 6 pound cat to stop bullying her 70 pound dog

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