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Plans & Pricing


$0 / month
200 free minutes of Sticky AI Notetaker usage
Join Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams meetings
Connect multiple Google Calendars
Access on web, mobile web, & Sticky for Mac app
Publish AI meeting notes to Google Docs


$15 / month
2000 minutes of Sticky AI Notetaker usage
Everything in the Starter Plan
Customizable AI Notetaker avatar & name


Sticky AI Assistant
  • AI engine powered by OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo

  • AI meeting notes, action items, and searchable transcripts

Sticky Workspace
  • Private note editor and task manager with unlimited storage

  • AI meeting note and action item sharing through email, copy/paste and more

  • Access from desktop web, mobile web, and Mac OS desktop app


Calendar integrations

  • Google Calendar

Video conference integrations

  • Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams

Cloud documents

  • Google Docs

  • Self-serve help center portal

  • Email and in-app messaging support


Can I try Sticky for free without a credit card?

Yes. And you can keep on using it for free! The Sticky Starter Plan includes 200 minutes of AI Notetaker usage each month.

How do you calculate AI Notetaker minutes of use?

Timing starts when the AI Notetaker joins a meeting you invite it to and it begins recording the meeting. It continues until it leaves (after meeting ends or it's removed). Note that “waiting time” when no one is talking also counts against your quota.

What happens if I use all of my AI Notetaker usage quota?

Sticky AI Notetaker will no longer join your meetings to take automatic meeting notes and action items. (You can, however, still sign into the Sticky Workspace to access all of your existing notes and tasks and manually write new ones.)

To resume normal use of the AI Notetaker, you can wait until the end of the cycle when your quota refreshes or upgrade to a plan with more capacity.

When I upgrade to a paid plan, can I also keep my free minutes?

No. Your quota will reset to the level included with your new paid plan.

How do I cancel, change plans, or change credit cards?

Sign into your Sticky account, navigate to the Profile page, and under "Billing" click "Manage plan."

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