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Announcing Sticky AI Notetaker

We're excited to announce the availability of a new feature: our integrated AI Notetaker. It joins your meetings, takes notes, identifies action items, and creates searchable transcripts, automatically.

Sticky already gets everything you need for meetings onscreen with one click: the Zoom call, meeting details, meeting notes and action items. Now, it makes taking meeting notes a one click affair, too -- just invite the AI Notetaker and it captures all of the takeaways from meetings for you.

Sticky AI Notetaker joins online meetings and integrates with Sticky.

Consider these amazing benefits:

🔎 Stay engaged in meetings - Present, discuss, and decide without distractions. Leave note-taking to Sticky -- it's got you covered.

🚀 Turn conversations into action - Get the "executive summary" without having to watch video recordings (even at 1.5x) or read lengthy transcripts. Add action items directly to your task list with one click.

😬 No more FOMO - Can't make a meeting but need the takeaways? Tired of begging colleagues for their meeting notes? Sticky will join in your place and tell you what you missed.

❤️ Share the love - Share AI meeting notes to delegate tasks to others with the context they'll need to make sense of them. No more time wasted "cleaning up" your hand-typed notes.

ai [hearts] humans

The integration of the AI Notetaker into your Sticky workflow means that it works with you, side-by-side. Unlike other AI transcription apps that only take notes and send them by email, Sticky AI meeting notes are captured in the same Sticky workspace where you type notes and action items by hand. You don't have to hand over control of note-taking entirely to yet another app, and you don't have to find someplace else for your hand-typed notes. In Sticky, you have a place to write your unspoken thoughts next to the details of the conversation that Sticky captures for you.

Also, instead of ending up with a list of action items as static text in your notes that have to be copied and pasted into a To Do or project management app, Sticky AI lets you add them to your task list, you guessed it -- with one click.

Sticky AI meeting notes, action items, and searchable transcripts

This feature is powered by the magic of generative AI but applied differently from what you may have found in other products. It seems there are new "generative AI" products released everyday that require you to ask questions or copy and paste data into a chat window. We think the true power of this technology is unlocked when it has access to your data, like your calendar, meetings, and documents, so you don't need to copy and paste. And when it works proactively on your behalf to automate work rather than waiting for you to ask it questions.

We're humbled by the contributions of our Early Access Program members whose valuable feedback has helped us deliver something truly life-changing. 🙏🏽 And we're thrilled to hear rave reviews about ease of use and the quality of the notes exceeding all expectations. 🎉

When you're free of the administrative burden of meetings, you'll get more from every one of them. You'll be fully engaged in discussions, decision making and connecting with your teammates and customers. When you spend less time prepping and following up after meetings, you can stay on schedule and spend more time on your craft.

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