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Discover exciting new Sticky features - December 2023

Invite your AI Notetaker to even more meetings, ensure it receives a warm welcome, keep track of what it's doing, and enjoy better notes than ever!

Sticky AI Notetaker avatar
Say hello to my little friend. 👋🏽 🤖

What a journey! Sticky began 2023 in beta helping you capture things from meetings that you need to remember, share, and do. It reduced your workflow to easy 1-click actions.

With the integration of AI this year, we automated meeting note-taking so you can stay present while Sticky listens and summarizes your discussions. We've heard your feedback! Now, it's easier to invite your AI Notetaker to more meetings and to get ever-better meeting notes and action items.

Read on!

Invite Sticky AI Notetaker to more meetings

Sticky's Google Calendar integration enables your AI Notetaker to join upcoming meetings that contain web conference links.

Invite Sticky to unscheduled meetings

Let's face it -- sometimes meetings pop up last-minute and you get meeting links by email, Slack, text message, or carrier pigeon. Now, you can invite AI notetaker by simply pasting in the web conference link.

Set your AI Notetaker up for a warm welcome

Pro tip: "Introduce" your notetaker! Explain you're getting automatic meeting notes and action items, so you can stay focused on the discussion. You might be surprised by people asking for a copy so they can stay engaged, too!

Preference: Disable AI Notetaker video avatar

The AI Notetaker appears in the gallery like any meeting participant with their camera on. Some of you have told us this can be distracting. Now, if you un-check "Display the Sticky AI Notetaker avatar" preference, Sticky won't appear for anyone using the "Hide non-video participants" (or equivalent) feature in Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc..

If you're not the host of a meeting, it's a good idea to give the organizer a heads-up that you're inviting your notetaker. Now, when you're the meeting organizer, Sticky automatically adds a message to the description letting participants know it will join and take notes.

Stay informed and lend your notetaker a hand

We've made it easier to understand if the AI Notetaker is planning to join an upcoming meeting, when it's recording, and if it runs into trouble -- how you can help.

Sticky status messages & prompts

Life happens and, sometimes, meetings don't start on time. Or the organizer neglects to admit your Notetaker from the waiting room. If the AI Notetaker is removed from a meeting, or gives up after waiting a while, it will let you know and you can have it "Rejoin."

Once your meeting has ended, your AI notetaker transcribes the recording, summarizes it by topic, and identifies action items in just a few minutes. Now, you'll see what's happening each step of the way.

Do-overs and digging for details

Sticky displays a high-level AI summary automatically. Click "Show all" for a detailed, topic-based summary and action items.

Regenerate meeting notes, search transcripts

If you're not thrilled with the notes or action items, you get a do-over! Click "Regenerate" to give AI another crack at summarizing the meeting. (NOTE: you can keep a copy the first summary by pasting it into your private note first.)

Need to find details? You can search the transcript, which is now conveniently located below the AI meeting notes. Click the transcript "chip" and scroll or use [⌘ command] + F to find what you need. Transcripts now more accurately reflect who's speaking, have better punctation and break long monologues into paragraphs.

AI meeting notes just keep getting better

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Sticky is built on leading ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and LLM (Large Language Model) AI platforms and their pace of innovation is incredible.

As improvements are available, we incorporate them into Sticky. These changes, plus our own innovations, mean your meeting notes and action items will just keep getting better!


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