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Announcing Sticky v1.0 - the AI assistant for all your meetings

Big news! After a year in beta, we're launching Sticky v1.0. 

Sticky began by making it easier to capture meeting notes and action items by hand in one integrated app. Today, it captures them automatically using the power of AI.

Sticky v1.0 Features

Sticky AI Notetaker

  • AI engine: OpenAI GPT3.5 Turbo

  • AI meeting notes, action items & transcripts

Sticky Workspace

  • Unlimited storage of notes and tasks

  • Desktop & mobile web access, Mac app


  • Google Calendar

  • Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams


  • Self-serve help center web portal

  • Email and in-app messaging support

Every customer has access to the great features listed above and can choose the right plan for their needs:

Starter Plan - includes 200 free minutes of AI Notetaker monthly usage

Plus Plan - offers a higher 2000 minute quota, for people with more meetings

Thanks to all of the customers who provided invaluable feedback during our beta. We have more exciting features in store for 2024 to help you stay productive with less effort!


Sign up for a free beta account. Google users get access today!

Not a Google user? Join our waitlist!

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