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The AI assistant for all of your client strategy sessions

With amazing automatic meeting notes and action items, you'll never worry about letting ideas fall through the cracks again.
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Marketers everywhere are focused on their clients in meetings, note taking notes.

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Get instant access to Sticky AI Notetaker

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Bring Sticky into your meeting workflow

Sign up with your Google account and connect Sticky to your work calendars.

Invite your AI Notetaker to a meeting (even if you're not the host). Or let it automatically join internal, external or all of your meetings.

Works with: 

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Team up with your AI meeting assistant

The Sticky AI Notetaker joins, records, and transcribes your meetings so you can show up as your best self -- engaged and focused.

The Sticky Workspace puts everything you need on one screen: meeting details, past notes and action items, and a private note to jot down your thoughts.

Get amazing meeting notes in minutes

Sticky emails you meeting notes and action items and saves them in your workspace with searchable transcripts.

Review the action items and add them to your task list with one click. Copy meeting notes to share through email, Slack, Google Docs, Notion and more.

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Be an action (item) hero

Add action items to your task list with one click. They link back to the notes they came from for context.

Sort and schedule all your tasks in Sticky to prioritize where to focus your energy.

Get instant access to Sticky AI Notetaker

By signing up you agree to the Sticky Privacy Policy.

Testimonial - Linzi.png
Linzi C.

Content Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Sticky has transformed the way I work. It gives me peace of mind, knowing that all notes and action items are captured.

I am much more engaged in discussions and free from the distraction of constant note-taking. My work is organized so I can focus on what needs to get done.

Testimonial - Vivek.png
Vivek A.

VP Product Marketing

Sticky gives me peace of mind that I'm not going to miss important action items. It frees me to really listen and focus instead of worrying about taking notes.

The post-meeting summaries are super helpful at keeping me on track. Having a shared record of our cross-functional meetings helps us stay together as a team.

Testimonial - Tenesha.png
Tenesha V.

Founder & CEO

Sticky has truly revolutionized the way I attend meetings! It keeps me focused by providing spot-on takeaways and transcripts which help me recall important points and actions.

The best part? It can send a notetaker to a meeting on your behalf. Recently, there was an important meeting I couldn’t attend but quickly caught up thanks to Sticky.

I highly recommend Sticky for boosting productivity and staying on top of meetings! I am much more engaged in discussions and free from the distraction of constant note-taking. My work is organized so I can focus on what needs to get done.

Testimonial - Margo.png
Margo W.

Sr. Director of Market Strategy

Sticky earned its place in my permanent dock because it has been invaluable for my productivity. It has become my second brain, taking notes during my meetings so I can concentrate on the quality of the conversation rather than capturing it accurately.

Testimonial - Colin.png
Colin B.

Head of Product

Automatic meeting notes are essential. I’m able to stay much more engaged when I know that notes are taken care of by Sticky.

Testimonial - Joe.png
Joe H.

Social Media Marketing Consultant, Founder

Sticky has saved me countless hours of note-taking. Sticky allows me to spend more time building my company, and less time taking notes.

Testimonial - Mike.png
Mike L.

Head of People & Talent

Until Sticky came along, I never had an app that I could fully trust to be my “brain on paper.” Whenever things are crazy, and I need to capture a critical thought, my heart rate literally decreases as I write it into Sticky.

Testimonial - Emily.png
Emily B.

Product Manager

Sticky has changed how I show up in my meetings every day. Instead of having my head buried in my notebook or on another screen taking notes, I can now be fully present in meetings without worrying that I am going to miss an important note or forget an action item.


How exactly does Sticky work?

When you invite Sticky to a meeting the AI Notetaker will join as a participant to record and transcribe the meeting. After the meeting ends, Sticky turns the meeting transcript into AI meeting notes. The transcript and AI meeting notes are saved in the meeting note that is accessible when clicking on the calendar event in Sticky. A copy of the AI meeting notes will also be sent to you via email for easy review and sharing.

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Are my meeting recordings and notes safe?

Yes. We will not read your meeting transcripts unless you explicitly grant permission for Sticky staff to privately review them to resolve any issues you may encounter. We protect your recordings with industry standard encryption and security practices.

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Are you using my data to train your AI?

No. Our system uses a number of services to join your meetings, record and transcribe them, and generate meeting notes and action items. We do not allow our partners to use your data to train their LLMs (large language models). We will use your direct feedback, however, to understand how to improve the quality of your notes.

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How do I control which meetings Sticky attends?

To invite Sticky to a meeting, simply click the toggle in the calendar event to the on position. Sticky will only join meetings that you invite it to. If you don’t want Sticky to join a meeting, turn the toggle to the off position. If Sticky is in a meeting and you want it to leave, turn the toggle to the off position and Sticky will leave right away.

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How much does it cost?

Sticky is free while it’s in beta! We plan to continue to offer a free version as well as paid options for premium features and higher usage allowances.

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What video conferencing services does Sticky work with?

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

Your data is yours

We don’t share or sell your data. Your information is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Built for speed

Sticky is built to work at the speed of thought so you can capture a new note or find anything without missing a beat.

No assembly required

Sticky is ready to use right out of the box so you can jump right into the action.

Try Sticky for free today

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